Car Transport from the UK to Spain

Car Transport from the UK to Spain & Portugal.  We’ll get your vehicle there quickly, efficiently and safely!  Cars-Go-Transport offer a quality car transport and shipping service between all parts of the UK to Spain & Portugal.

Car Transport England to Spain - Cars-Go-Transport

Car Transport from the UK to Spain

Cars-Go-Transport are your ‘Number One’ choice for a reliable and professional car shipping service, delivering vehicles from the UK to Spain and Portugal.  We run regular transporters between all over the UK and Ireland, to the Spanish mainland and Portugal.  If you’re looking for a vehicle transport service for single or multiple vehicle movements, then look no further. With the newest generation transporters, a reliable service, a dedicated team and the latest technology we are your chosen transportation provider. Concerned about customs? Don’t worry, we’ll handle all of that for you.

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    Efficient, Secure Car Transport

    We have decades of experience transporting cars all over Europe. We have respect from our peers and that’s makes us the best choice for car transportation and delivering. We have our partnerships with various car dealerships and shipping companies that support us. If you want your car shipping from the UK, Ireland to or from Spain or Portugal, please get in touch. We will happily transport the car for you in highly professional, efficient, secure car and all of this at highly affordable rates that you will not find anywhere else. Try us and you will not be disappointed!

    We move single vehicles for private and commercial customers every week. We pride ourselves on our reliability and quality of service.

    Classic Car Transport from the UK to Spain

    We have the knowledge and expertise to transport your classic or vintage car, both safely and securely. We offer a bespoke service which is tailored to your specific requirements and schedule.

    Post-Brexit Rules & Regulations

    Since January 2021, new checks and paperwork have made the business of importing and exporting much more complicated, time consuming – and downright difficult – than ever.

    Perhaps first and foremost, you must have thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations. If not, won’t know where duty might be applicable and you might come up against costs you never considered.

    If you’re importing a used car from Great Britain, for example, you must now factor in the extra costs of customs duty along with VAT at import. And if you purchased a car in Europe which had previously been registered or used in the UK, you may also be liable for customs duty.

    All this adds up to extra costs, extra time and extra hassle which you could well do without. We’ll take all that off your hands.

    We’re Cars-Go-Transport, possibly the best car transport and shipping company running in Europe! We’ve been moving things between the UK and Ireland and Spain and Portugal for decades and we know what we’re doing! We’re efficient, professional and give great customer service! Ask for a quote, you won’t regret it!


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