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Car Transport Quote

Car Transport Quote

Your Car Transport Quote - Cars-Go-Transport
Your Car Transport Quote – Cars-Go-Transport

Your Car Transport Quote

It always pays to look around and car transport is no exception!  Cars-Go-Transport don’t offer you blind, ‘instant’ quotes because we know every job is different.  We quote on your job, not a general idea of a job.  we won’t bamboozle you with jargon and fluff, we just give a great price on your car transport quote!

Our transporters are on the road, 24/7, between the UK, Ireland, Spain and Portugal, delivering – most often door to door – a wide variety of cars and other vehicles.  Our service is second to none and our reputation for reliability is known by many regular clients.

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If you’d prefer to speak to us in person, we’re here to help!!  With HDC Points (Holding, Collection & Delivery) in the UK, Spain and Portugal, our offices are onhand to help with your questions and have your quote ready!  Just call the numbers below for your car transport quote!

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Car transport – You need the professionals!

There are many reasons why you need an experienced car transporter company.  You might have bought or sold a car on eBay, you might be a specialist garage arranging car transport for a client, perhaps you’re arranging car transportation for a track day, or you’ve simply bought a car at auction. Whatever your reasons, the type of car and your budget will dictate how you’ll want to transport it.

If for example your car is destined for scrap then you’ll want the cheapest car transporter method available. On the other hand fleet car managers needing to arrange transport for several vehicles such as car dealerships and garages, will need a multi car transporter service. Specialist kit car builders and classic car owners might want a covered car transportation solution in order to protect their pride and joy from prying eyes, as well as the dust and dirt on the road.

Similarly, prestige cars, luxury sports cars, racing cars and even car prototypes will need the car shipment to be as discrete as possible, in a curtained-sided covered vehicle. And for anyone organising classic car transport, it’s absolutely essential that the car arrives at its destination as pristine as it was when it left.

Of course, you don’t have to be in the car industry to need a vehicle delivery service. The most common enquiries we receive are from individuals who’ve bought a car on the internet, or are in the Armed Forces and want a car moving abroad. Whatever the reason for shifting that car, we can help you coordinate the transportation.

Car shipping

If you’re moving cars into or out of the UK then you need a specialist car shipping transporter who will be able to advise you on both the procedures and the shipping documentation. Essentially there are two main options, the first of which is a dedicated car shipping service in which you car is shipped in a 20 or 40ft shipping container. This is the most secure way of shipping your car however it’s not necessarily the cheapest. The other option is a roll-on / roll-off car shipment where by your vehicle is driven onto the vessel and secured on or beneath the deck. This is a cheaper form of car transportation and is favour by large vehicle manufacturers.

What to expect from your car delivery service

If you plump for a driven car delivery service, you can expect the driver to do a pre-journey collection and delivery check to make sure the car has arrived in the same state as when it left. It’s also important that you check to ensure that the car delivery company has sufficient insurance cover for your vehicle. If not most companies will be happy to increase it for a small additional fee.

Weight is also important when it comes to car delivery services. A car transporter must respect the gross vehicle weight (GVW), which is the weight of the towing vehicle, plus its trailer, plus the car or cars loaded onto it. If this exceeds the maximum then the car transporter is operating outside of VOSA rules. If the GVW is more than 3.5 tonnes, the car transport firm will also need an operator’s licence.

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